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Welcome to East TN Pit Bull Rescue!


Thank you for stopping in! It is the mission of East TN Pit Bull Rescue to educate on the true nature of the Pit Bull dog in an effort to restore the breed’s reputation - as we offer a safe place to homeless and abandoned Pit Bulls while a loving and responsible home is found.


Each year we have a new focus - one that reinforces our mission/vision for ETPBR! This year we have chosen "Best Friend."  The average Pit Bull IS someone's best friend and we hope to show the media and the public our dogs in this role. Our hope is that we can empower people by providing information and resources to help them respond to public fears and opinions in a positive and beneficial way. Please join us as we enter a year focused on education and advocacy AND the Pit Bulls role as our "Best Friend"!


Please check out our Available Pits if you can offer a loving and responsible home. All of our guys are placed as inside companion animals only. There is an application process, home visit and adoption fee required to complete each placement. All dogs are spayed or neutered before going to 4-ever homes. Without finding homes for our rescued bullies, we can not rescue the next dog. Since we can not help every Pit in need, we have chosen to courtesy post a few special bullies and feature a few local shelters that offer bullies a chance at adoptions. These Shelter Stars are in open intake facilities where, unfortunately, animals are euthanized to make space for incoming animals. These guys often have only a number of days. If you are interested in any of them – please contact the listed shelter immediately. PLEASE remember that these shelters have given our dogs a chance at life and their circumstances force them to make decisions that we do not have to face. The individuals at these shelters often take on the roles of caregivers and advocates for these dogs. Let's lessen their load - not add to their burden! Treat them with courtesy and respect as we all work for the good of the dogs! The bullies we have chosen to courtesy post do not belong to East TN Pit Bull Rescue – meaning we have no rights or responsibilities related to these dogs. We have not evaluated them nor do they live within our pack unless it is specifically noted in the dog’s biographical information.


East TN Pit Bull Rescue is a Tennessee non-profit organization. You will notice the bright red "Donate" button to the left. We chose red so that you would be reminded that your donations are the life's blood of this group. Everything we do depends on the donations of breed supporters – whether it is purchasing merchandise, donating money, paying on vet bills, services, time, volunteering, sharing information, fighting Breed Specific Legislation (BSL),  or networking for our bullies. We greatly appreciate our supporters – past, present and future!

If you can not find what you need here - be sure to contact us!


Due to the overwhelming number of bully breeds dying in our shelters, we are unable to take in owner surrendered or stray bully breeds at this time. Please see our Bully 411 page for tips on re-homing these dogs and the TN laws pertaining to re-homing stray dogs.

Please be sure to let us know what you think about our site. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed!.

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