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Several years ago, it seemed like every Pit Bull pup I was contacted about had Demodex Mange - a non-contagious skin condition where a weakened immune system would allow an over growth of mites that naturally occur on dogs. ETPBR still takes on a lot of Demodex cases - there is a soft spot in my heart for them - but recently with the Scarlet (Scarlet's story -  https://www.facebook.com/ScarletsavedbyFCCA?fref=ts ) case so much on the news...these dogs have really been on my mind! Often pet owners are dealing with a budget and skin issues can get so expensive! The  photo album above shows the progress of Leo - one of my favorite fosters. As you can see, under all those skin issues lurked a beautiful boy!  If your dog suffers with skin issues...please do your research and get a good diagnosis of what you are dealing with and more importantly...DON'T GIVE UP! If you cannot help your dog, please contact others for help.


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