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It is the mission of East TN Pit Bull Rescue to educate on the true nature of the dogs labeled Pit Bulls in an effort to restore their reputation - as we offer a safe place to the homeless and abandoned while we search for loving and responsible homes.

Each year we have a new focus - one that reinforces our mission/vision for ETPBR. This year we have chosen "Education Revolution." The shelters are full and rescues are overwhelmed. It is time to take the battle to the streets! We have to get education, information, and resources to the people BEFORE pets or the off-spring of those pets are in need of rescue. We need to empower people by giving them the tools needed to keep pets in their homes and make those homes responsible and loving as we do it! Please join us as we enter a year focused on education and advocacy that revolutionizes the way people think when they see or hear the label "Pit Bull."

East TN Pit Bull Rescue is a Tennessee incorporated non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status. Your donations to sponsor our adopt-a-bulls are tax deductible. We hope you will remember that your donations are the life's blood of this group. EVERYTHING we do depends on the donations of breed supporters - whether it is buying merchandise, donating money, paying on our vet bills, services donated, sharing information, volunteering, fighting breed specific legislation (BSL), or networking our adopt-a-bulls.  If you would like to sponsor any of our pets, please go to and make a donation to Please be sure to add the adopt-a-bulls name in the comments section. Your donations are greatly needed and appreciated. If you need our EIN, please contact us at: or check us out on our facebook page. We GREATLY appreciate our supporters - past, present, and future!