Below is the application for those that would like to foster or be considered for adoption. If you do not hit the submit button or do not get a confirmation notice, your application will not make it to us. Once we receive it, we will verify your information. This may take a couple of days or a week depending on what is going on for us or how long it takes to reach references. Once we verify the information given, we will forward to the foster or volunteer contact for the dog you have requested. IF YOU DO NOT HEAR FROM US WITHIN THE WEEK, PLEASE CONTACT US AT ETNPITBULLRESCUE@GMAIL.COM . Please note the only wrong answer is an untruthful or misleading one. We believe, "right dog in right home," and that often leads to adopters whose situation is a bit outside the box! We do NOT place dogs to live outside, roam at large no matter how much property you have, or in homes with unaltered pets.

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