The intent of this page is to provide information to those interested in our operation. If you would like information on a topic we do not have posted, visit our CONTACT page.

Intake Policies:

It is the policy of ETPBR to accept dogs based on resources available. Those resources include space, funding for care and vetting, and ability to rehabilitate. It is also our policy to offer space to dogs on a euthanize list in shelters in East TN first. If there is not a shelter dog meeting rescue criteria, we will accept a stray, then an owner surrender will be considered.

We DO NOT accept dogs with KNOWN people aggression. We reserve the right to refuse any dog without explanation.

Adoption Policies:

ETPBR only places dogs in homes where they will be inside companion animals. We reserve the right to deny any application and to refuse placement of one dog in the home while allowing the placement of another dog in that same home. An application must be submitted, verified and approved. There will be an interview followed by a meet-n-greet between dog and family members, 2 & 4 legged! A home visit will be done, this often leads into a trial visit. At the time that the adopter takes possession of the dog, an adoption contract will be signed and the adoption fee will be payable to ETPBR at that time. If for any reason during the first 14 days, the adopter does not want/can not keep the dog, ETPBR will take the dog back and refund a portion(usually all) of the adoption fee. After the 14 day trial period, ETPBR will take the dog back but the adoption fee will not be returned unless a prior agreement is in place.

Courtesy Posting:

ETPBR will offer courtesy posting of dogs we have approved of on our auxiliary sites such as and when they are in the custody of an individual, group without access to such sites or groups that are not Pit Bull groups.  ALL courtesy posted dogs will be altered and vetted PRIOR to post! RARELY, will we allow a dog to be posted on this site. A courtesy posting on this site means we have fallen in love with this dog and would take it into our group if we had the resources. We do not fall in love with pictures, so one of the core members of this group OR a very trusted individual has recommended this dog.

ETPBR is not guaranteeing the temperament or health of ANY courtesy listing and all details related to placing these dogs is out of our hands! ALL arrangements will be done thru the contact individuals.

These policies are not complete and have been posted for informational purposes only. If you need clarification or have comments, please visit contact page.